GO-IoT background and contact information


Go-IoT.io  is a group of people with decades of experience from electronics design, software development, distributed device management, and  business management. We are the old-boys that are enthusiastic using our long term experience and know how to make grate novelty products for the future.   
We "head-hunt" people all over the world with heavy weight experience and know how in those fields as well as within the field of Internet of Things (IoT).
Our mission is to become a leading provider of hardware and software for the emerging IoT market.
Our goal is to open source as much as possible of the Go-IoT.io hardware and software.
We base all our work on open well known standards, both software- and hardware-wise.
We are eager getting partners with know-how, ideas, and products within the IoT industry.

If you have any questions or you are interested in partnering with us, please do not hesitate contacting us.


Go-Iot.io is brought to you by Rational Network Co. (RN). RN is a company established in 2004. It specializes in managing geographically distributed devices in building and streets. RNs web based solution Control2Net is today used to manage thousands of buildings in Norway, UK and Belgium, mainly for Remote Meter Reading and Energy Management. In addition they specialize in utilizing the existing power-wires in building and streets for device-communication.
From being in this industry for over 10 years, RN has realized there is a lack of flexible IoT solutions for the industry. As an answer to that rising demand, RN started the Go-IoT project in 2012, by market investigation. Development of the Go-IoT products started the year after.
For more information visit RNs web-site here...


Our R&D office is located in east Iceland.
We are currently building up sales, marketing and local service offices in Dorset UK, and Gothenburg, Sweden.
In addition we are negotiating with local distributors all over Europe.
For more information or if you wish to become a distributor feel free to contact us.