DINGO Pi Zero and USB Ports

As you may know our current DINGO Pi Zero Computer Board does not have any external USB ports. This is due to the fact, the Raspberry Pi Zero module has only one USB port available that we had to feed down to the DINGO Base Board.
So for example to connect a keyboard and Mouse to a Pi Zero based DINGO Backbone, you have to add the USB breakout plugin to the Base Board. This is extra cost and needs special tooling for the box if needed.

Now we are evaluating if we should change this design such that we add a USB hub on the Computer Boards and 2 or 3 external USB connectors. This change will make the Pi Zero Computer Board $2 – $4 more expensive.
With 3 such ports you could for example plug a keyboard, mouse and a Wi-Fi dongle.
We would like to hear if this is worth it. Tell us about your use cases or ideas, why such external USB ports might be of value for you on the DINGO Pi Zero.

Best regards,
GO-IoT development team

DINGO Pi Zero Computer Board bottom view

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