Getting Started

The DINGO-Stack is a modular software stack intended for installation on IoT controllers or edge servers, installed in buildings, streets, etc.
It contains 3 main modules plus other plug-ins that can be added by need:

  1. Peripheral Manager manages physical IOs plus communication with none BACnet networks/buses like 1-Wire, Modbus, M-Bus, wM-Bus, enOcean, PINGO, etc.
    The interface to all such peripheral is the same at the top level making different protocols look the same at the upper boundary where the next layer interfaces (BACnet, or other).
  2. BACnet/IP Server and Client.
  3. BACnet/WS Server plus proprietary REST Web Services Server for configuration based on the BACnet/WS standard.
  4. APP modules for miscellaneous purpose. Examples are:
    1. BACnet to IBM Watson IoT Platform Gateway.
    2. Trend-Log uploader for FTP servers, etc.

The DINGO-Stack is a portable software for Linux based operating systems. Currently the stack has been compiled for those Debian based platforms:

  • Raspian
  • Ubuntu
  • Linux Mint

Other platforms will be supported as needed.