What's new

July 2020

DINGO-Stack LoRaWAN integration

The DINGO-Stack now supports LoRaWAN, where LoRaWAN sensors can easily be mapped to BACnet devices. See video.

June 2020

DINGO-Stack Pelican Wireless Systems integration

The DINGO-Stack now supports the Pelican Wireless Systems, where Pelican Wireless thermostats (https://www.pelicanwireless.com) can easily be mapped into BACnet devices. See video.

September 2019

Full automatic MBus configuration

The DINGO-Stack now supports full automatic configuration of MBus meters. See video.

March 2019

DINGO-Stack integration of Conectric sensors

The DINGO-Stack now supports automatic configuration of Conectric sensors (https://www.conectric.com). See video.

December 2018

Go-IoT introduces the ADC plug-in

A ADC plug-in is now part of the large number of various plug-ins for the DINGO device. See video.

Go-IoT introduces the Go-IoT Cloud API

The Go-IoT Cloud data are now exposed as BACnet webservices. See video.