About Go-IoT Cloud

For many years we have been utilizing the features of the IBM Informix database and its time-series engine, when storing data from our customers. This has enabled us to use aggregation, driver-normalization, tariffing, calculated time-series etc. on the high-speed Informix database.

When, for example, hour-based data has been uploaded to our system, it has automatically been distributed to different aggregations, ready for analysis.

But this data has not been easily accessible, until now.

As a result of the DINGO project and its BACnet web-services, we have decided to expose our Go-IoT Cloud data as BACnet web-services as well. This means that time-series in the Informix database can now be accessed as BACnet trend-logs under BACnet devices that represent the different aggregations. This also means that data stored in the Go-IoT Cloud and data stored on the edge, have the same format and can be analysed by the same tools.

All communication with our Go-IoT Cloud server is access controlled, which also means that the authenticated user only sees his own data.