BACnet Tab

DINGO-Stack contains a fully configurable BACnet server. The BACnet tab is used to configure the BACnet server within DINGO-Stack.
The BACnet server has many advanced features. First of all it can be configured to be a normal BACnet/IP device on the BACnet network. Secondly it can be used to configure virtual BACnet gateways and virtual BACnet devices behind those virtual gateways. Thirdly the BACnet server interfaces with the DINGO-Stack Peripheral Manager that is a module responsible of communication with DINGO inputs and outputs (IOs) on GPIOs, USB, SPI and I2C buses of the DINGO hardware.Peripheral Manager also communicate with multiple network protocols (wired and wireless) including 1Wire, Modbus/RTU, MBus, wMBus, LoRaWAN, Conectrics, Pelican Wireless, and more.
Interfacing to the Peripheral Manager from the BACnet server transforms all such IOs and devices on network protocols to BACnet objects or virtual BACnet devices.

The DINGO-Stack also implements the BACnet/WS standard (WS = Web Services). For further information about BACnet/WS refer to "DINGO-Stack BACnet/WS User's Guide".