Connect to a Gateway

To connect to a DINGO gateway via the DINGO-Manager, the user simply selects the gateway from the System Tree and clicks the Connect button inside the DINGO-Manager.

When connecting, a dialog might appear, asking: "Display mixed content?". Choose "Yes", to continue. The reason for this question is that the Go-IoT Cloud runs under HTTPS and the communication to the DINGO gateway is over HTTP.

If the connection is via OpenPort, then an attempt is first made to give your IP address access to the gateway. See the troubleshooting section below for problems connecting to gateways via OpenPort.


When connecting to a DINGO gateway, the first request is for a security policy file (clientaccesspolicy.xml). If the request fails, then a connection-retry has to wait for 60 seconds. This is in accordance with the Silverlight security policy. It is however possible to connect to another DINGO gateway first and then do the retry.

These can be reasons for connection problems:

  • Check if the DINGO-Stack is running.
  • Is the gateway connected to the local-network or Internet.
  • If using hostnames - are there DNS problems? Try to ping the hostname.
  • Check if the Gateway connection properties are correct.