This service is used to configure and manage the OpenPort Server. OpenPort provides the ability to connect to the DINGO device, when it is behind a firewall.

To check the status on OpenPort; select the OpenPort service and click the "Log..." button (See screenshot below).

The status shows what ports are open. It also show what URL and port to use, when connecting to the port remotely. In addition, the ports are IP protected and the status also provides the URL to use, when activating your IP to access the port.

Use the online manual for further information:

To open additional local ports, e.g. 8080 for the Compact LoRaWAN Server; connect to the DINGO device via SSH terminal and run these commands:

  • sudo -i
  • openport 8080 -R -d
  • exit
Firewall issues: The OpenPort client needs to be able to communicate with on ports 443 and 22. Certain firewalls that operate on layer 7, can also prevent communication with

Link to the official page: