The Dingo Help Section

The Dingo Help section is here to help you get started with the DINGO stack. It is still getting updated but the most important information is there on how to get started with the DINGO Stack. With it you can convert Modbus, 1-WIRE, Mbus, wM-Bus and much more into BACnet objects. And you will get the ability to automatic point discovery from a building with multiple controllers, using our TL-writer, Maker and Uploader to get those BACnet points, tagged and ready to go to the cloud. 

You will get to the DINGO Help page if you click here or on the image. The Get Started Steps is what you should be looking at for now!

You can find more information about the hardware modules here under Solutions Brochure Hardware, and more info about our stack here and how you can best make use of it here. And please, contact us if you have any questions!


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