The Go-IoT platform adapts easily to different IoT use-cases, at minimum cost.

Go-IoT can provide you with ready to install hardware-boxes and software based on open widely accepted standards. At the same time, it supplies connectivity to legacy proprietary technologies.

Define your project needs. Go-IoT will fulfill them


IoT system integrators are facing challenging times. Their projects have broadened from some narrow-scope factory-floor M2M or remote meter reading, to all kinds of sensors and actuators distributed geographically in different applications and use cases.
To meet all those new challenges an integrator has to supply different technologies for different projects. He has to be able to connect to legacy devices already installed as well as providing new, battery driven, low power wireless sensors and cutting edge device communication standards.
To solve this today, most integrators offer proprietary solutions from different vendors. This makes integration hard, demanding a lot of know-how from the integrator.


DINGO BACKBONE  provides the one box solution to meet the above challenges.
With its complementary product WINGO Sensors you have a full range of IoT solutions.

By installing a powerful, but affordable computer platform in a BACKBONE box, different problem-tasks are solved with in-box software rather than needing different hardware modules.
Alongside the hardware,  software is always needed. Our powerful BACnet/IoT implementation is a common language for all the different sensors and peripherals in the hardware. BACnet is one of the most widely accepted and powerful, device communication standard available today. If you don't want BACnet you can select from a broad spectrum of solutions and apps from our partners.


The DINGO BACKBONE is a modular hardware, -in essence a kind of building block, meaning that the box can be filled up to best fit each projects demands for user-interface, computer-power, legacy device connectivity, wireless/wired connectivity and device communication standard(s) requested.


With DINGO plug-ins, the DINGO BACKBONE can easily be adapted to whatever is required.
For example 6LoWPAN, power-line communication, GSM/3G, M-Bus, wM-Bus, RS485, analog inputs, etc.


 We have a range of top quality, market leading WINGO sensors and actuators.  These small, standalone devices communicate with the DINGO box, via wireless SimpleLink™ technology. A WINGO sensor can run on a button-sized battery for 10-20 years, with an 'in sight' range of over 20km. How cool is that?


Software makes hardware usable. Therefore we have applied a lot of effort to developing a flexible open standard software stack for DINGO and WINGO.
The DINGO software is a complete software stack capable of dealing with low level sensors  and actuators, through to our high level BACnet/IoT implementation. A DINGO BACKBONE is ready to communicate with any other BACnet device on the network. Communicating with DINGO BACKBONEs over the Internet is done with open and secure standards like BACnet/WS or MQTT .
WINGO sensors can run native BACnet. Therefore any BACnet enabled device, from any vendor, can communicate directly with any WINGO sensors.
DINGO Manager is a powerful web-hosted utility, used to configure and diagnose your DINGOs, and WINGOs. The only thing you need is a login and a browser.


DINGO BACKBONES can be purchased as pre-assembled boxes, filled with hardware modules and software to your specification. These will be fully tested before delivery.
Alternatively, you can order DINGO hardware and box-modules as components and assemble as you need. All DINGO software modules are downloadable from the Internet.