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26th Sept. 2016: Grand opening of web site.

Grand opening of web site

26th Sept. 2016.

We are happy to announce the opening of our brand new web-site today. After years of development work our products and services are almost ready.

Our first IoT products will be shipping early 2017. Preorders will start in October.

In addition there are many upcoming exciting products planned in 2017, in particular WINGO related.

We specially encourage makers and startups to contact us if they want to become beta testers.
Raspberry Pi enthusist should also take a look what we offer, as we are supporting the Raspberry Pi platform with totally new products, both hardware wise as well as software wise.
Take your Raspberry Pi development to new heights.
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Join us in the world of DINGOs, WINGOs and PINGOs

Thank you for your interest,
   The GO-IoT team.