National health improvement anyone?

National health improvement anyone?

There’s more than the energy reduction to be made with smarter buildings. There’s more to it that pro-active maintenance and there’s definitely more to it than finding that meeting room in 4 minutes instead of 3. There’s more to it because it is the combination of all of the big and small things that matter. 

The benefits of a smarter building are many

Smarter buildings will generate smarter cities, which in turn will enable smarter people. To do things faster, better, with less cost and faster time to value creation is a must.

Buildings contribute to 40% of the global energy consumption, more than any other segment. 

Reduced energy consumption, pro-active maintenance, new ways of monetizing and above all, focus on people well-being are some of the benefits of a smarter building. 

A more personalized indoor climate is proven to make us sleep better, more resistant to diseases which will make us and everyone else around us happier, more healthy and more productive. 

The opportunity

Traditional BAS (Building Automation System) segment is valued at $100 Billion.
IoT is at $1,3 Trillion. 

The ones who will succeed are the ones who can combine above industries under a proven, standardized infrastructure also utilizing AI and Machine learning technologies for radical improvements in an ecosystem and platform thinking mindset. This will help others in and outside the real estate business to save money, make money and also improve the lives of the people in and around buildings. 

That’s what we enable.

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Want to get started in bridging the gap between buildings and IoT? Let us know!

Go-IoT is on a mission to take buildings to the cloud in an easy, secure and scalable way, creating open future-proof ecosystems for smarter buildings and cities. The challenges often arise that system integrators/property owners and even users are locked into the products and suppliers in the building. It is difficult to create customized solutions in other companies’ ecosystems and it is always costly and complicated. We solve this with a combination of hardware/software and cloud solutions as well as IoT consultancy and hardware development if needed. Modernizing buildings in a sustainable way has never been easier than it is now.

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