Modular hardware to build your IoT backbone box for whatever your IoT application is

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DINGO IoT BACKBONE is a kind of "IoT server". It is four interconnected electronics boards, that together can be housed in a standard industrial DIN-Rail box from different vendors, for example OKW.
Each layer has a family of boards  to select from. Therefore it is easy to create a custom BACKBONE for different applications or needs.

At the top sits the User Interface Board (DUIB) that is visual at the DIN-Rail box front.

Under the DUIB sits the computer board (DCB), the brain of the BACKBONE. The DCB holds one to 5 interface ports to the outside world (details below).

At the bottom sits the Base Board (DBB) for connecting to external sensors and actuators. plus connections for holding 2 or 3 plug-ins which is the fourth layer.

The plug-ins add I/O or communication specific features to the BACKBONE.


On top sits the User Interface Board (DUIB), visible through the top-plate of the DIN-Rail box. Currently DINGO IoT provides you with 3 variants of user-interface boards:
  • A simple LED board with 16x2 LEDs. Each LED is either green or red, dimmable from 0-100%. So each of the 16 LEDs can glow in any color mixture possible of red and green.
    See first image with this section.
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  • The same board as described above, but with additional OLED  LCD screen of  128x64 pixels (29,5 x 14,7 mm).
    See second image with this section.
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  • Colour display of 320x240 pixels (59,0 x 40,0 mm) with back-light and  4 navigation buttons.
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The DUIB connects to the underlying DINGO Computer Board via standard connector common to all types.


The middle board holds the credit card sized Computer Board (DCB). The DCB has 4 connectors to the outer world:

  1. 2xUSB connectors.
  2. 1xRJ45 connector that holds pins for 1-Wire, RS-485 and RS232.
  3. HDMI for the Raspberry Pi variants but USB OTG for i.MX28 variant.
  4. Ethernet connector.

There are three variants of DCB boards available. All variants are pin compatible with the Base Board (DBB) and User Interface Board (DUIB).

In addition to those three, there is a "break-out" board intended for testing and developing for base- and user-interface boards from a normal PC computer. It actually puts your PC between the DUIB and the DBB.

A very low cost Arduino variant is planned in 2017. Feel free to contact us for information about the Arduino Computer.

DINGO i.mx28 Computer

Based on Freescale i.mx28 ARM9 processor
Suitable for most IoT use-cases.
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DINGO Raspberry Pi Computer

Based on Raspberry Pi Computer On Module
This is the power-horse of the DINGO family.
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DINGO Raspberry Pi Zero Computer

Based on Raspberry Pi Zero
The most affordable but still powerful.
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The Base Board (DBB) provides the I/Os to low-voltage sensors/actuators on one side and high voltage connectors at the other side for power, relays and PINGO plug-in when installed.

In addition the DBB contains 2 or 3 sockets for special purpose plug-ins, discussed below.

The DBB holds a 40 pin plus a 20 pin connectors to the DCB above it. Those connect miscellaneous connectors to the DCB, including GPIOs, I2C, SPI, CAN, serial ports, USB, etc.

The DBB is open-source. Everybody can create their own or have us to help them with that.

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Plug-ins add special functionality to the DINGO BACKBONE. This includes, wireless communication of various types, PINGO, real-time co-processor , simple things like RS-485 connectivity, or internal power-supply.

Plug-ins may or may not have external connectors on the DBB.
Currently DINGO IoT provides 7 different plug-ins. Third parties are welcome to design their own plug-ins for the DINGO BACKBONE.


The DINGO BACKBONE can be boxed in standard DIN-Rail box or any custom box you want.
We offer modular boxes fitting the DINGO BACKBONE. There are two variants; "the long one" for 3-station DBB and "the short one" for  two station DBB.

The boxes are modular such that the terminal-covers can easily be customize, what is open and what is closed.

The boxes have openings fitting the connectors of the DCB (Ethernet, Multi-port, HDMI and USB ports).

The top cover is either transparent or with openings fitting each type of DINGO User Interface board.