Strategic Partnership with iioote!

Strategic Partnership with iioote!

Go-IoT enters a strategic partnership with Go-IoT to provide wide-ranging IoT-solutions for smarter buildings where data from different network protocols is harmonized, now also including the leading LPWAN standard, LoRaWAN

Creating a holistic sensor to cloud solution for Smarter Everything

Building automation today uses several incompatible protocols such as Modbus, M-Bus, enOcean, KNX, BACnet et c which is expensive and include time-consuming configuration work. The lack of standardization of data from sensors and control equipment to the cloud means additional security risks. These problems can easily be managed with the DINGO BACKBONE hardware solution which is developed by Go-IoT. DINGO can initially be configured to communicate with existing older installed systems as well as tomorrow’s sensors and controls. iioote are experts on systems that complement the solution with wireless battery-powered sensors with a Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) standard using the LoRaWANTM protocol.  

– Robert Spertina CEO of iioote states that now we can offer IoT-solutions together with Go-IoT which are very difficult to surpass technically and above all economically. We have seen in comparisons that our IoT-solution can be a tenth or even less when compared to other existing solutions on the market. Sensors in our community, in smart buildings and cities increases rapidly with the need to reduce cost caused by damage, monitoring of expensive equipment or environmental parameters amongst many examples. We are very pleased to be able to include and take another step in our end-to-end offering which now take care of all existing protocols in building automation.

– Presently, Go-IoT customers are in Norway, U.S.A. Canada, Abu Dhabi and U.K, and we have also engaged in interesting discussions with both large and small companies based in Sweden. We saw a need to find a partner with cutting edge know-how regarding measurement sensors and LPWAN, and after several discussions in 2018 the choice was a no-brainer that it would be iioote. Our combined efforts will offer effective solutions to our customers who are both system integrators and property owners, enabling them to quickly get a bi-directional gateway from buildings to the cloud and back. Being able to break free from vendor lock-in and high switching costs, and to be able to do things in a more automated and standardized way faster, are just some of the benefits that our customers gain together with iioote. This leads to increased value in real estate, lower operating costs, proactive maintenance, reduced energy costs and, in the long run, also to increase user well-being and productivity, states Nicolas Waern, CEO of Go-IoT.

iioote and Go-IoT contributes to Sweden’s goal to be the best in the world to use the potential of digitalization.

About iioote AB

iioote work with companies, organizations and municipalities in implementing IoT in their business, from analysis need and strategy to planning, implementation and system integration. iioote has expertise in IoT, IT and Telecom, combined with industry-specific skills from the construction, machinery and automotive industries. iioote integrates solutions that drive the development of simple and innovative IoT in the community. This is enabled by radio systems that use low-energy technology, Low Power Wide Area Networks (LPWAN).

Contact: Robert Spertina, CEO & Head of IoT, phone +46 70 797 67 88,


About Go-IoT

Go-IoT is on a mission to take buildings to the cloud in an easy, secure and scalable way, creating open future-proof ecosystems for smarter buildings and cities. The challenges often arise that system integrators / property owners and even users are locked in to the products and suppliers in the building. It is difficult to create customized solutions in other companies’ ecosystems and it is always costly and complicated. We solve this with a combination of hardware/software and cloud solutions as well as IoT consultancy and hardware development if needed. Modernizing buildings in a sustainable way has never been easier than it is now.

Contact: Nicolas Waern, CEO, mobile: +46 703 47 87 44,

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