Why are we working with Building Automation?

Why are we working with Building Automation?

There are many industries out there ripe for distruption and IoT will be a game-changer to most of them. So why focus on Building Automation? Why do we think it is important to go after this vertical?

We need to disrupt the status quo as it is right now

The fact is that climate change will have a global effect on all of us. Not tomorrow, not in the future, but today. Currently there are 33 fires ravaging the lands of Sweden due to temperatures being higher than ever.  It is a fact that buildings are set to overtake transportation as the industry which consumes the most energy in the World. And it’s growing.

  • We need to reduce co2 emissions.
  • It will take 4500 years with the rate we are modernizing buildings, only in Europe. And that will only get us a baseline to start from. 
  • 90% of the time is spent indoors and a better indoor climate will lead to fewer sick days, increased well being and a better national health.
  • We can’t wait and solely focus on new construction. It’s unacceptable.

We need to focus on the existing buildings out there.

We need to come up with solutions which make it easier to modernize buildings that are standing today. Tools and applications which can dramatically increase the speed we do things.  That is why we are creating a solution which will make it easier for others to do more with buildings. We can open up an eco-system for buildings like few others can and this is something we that needs to be done now. And we’ll be saving the world in the process.

A platform economy

We need to demolish those silos in buildings and build bridges between the isolated data islands, as well as making it easier to innovate with 3rd party applications outside buildings. We need to open up a platform economy for buildings and let everyone take part in innovating with buildings.

The market right now is dominated by proprietary, closed and complex solutions which require deep technical skills and specialized programming in order to make something happen.

We can change that. We have to change that. 

Making Worlds Come together

There are two big “worlds” that need to come together in an easier way.

1. Traditional HVAC business where everything is complex and is dominated by proprietary. 

We can come in here and harmonize that industry leveraging the worlds leading building automation protocol using it as it was intended.

2. The booming IoT-business applications where outside companies find novel solutions to traditional problems.

The challenge here is that this is creating two worlds of the new and the old. Two worlds which need to come together in order to fully make buildings more efficient.

“Two worlds, which we can join together with the worlds most powerful, versatile and competent edge gateway.”

That’s what we are in the process of doing. Changing the world to a better place for everyone. 

Go-IoT is on a mission to take buildings to the cloud in an easy, secure and scalable way, creating open future-proof ecosystems for smarter buildings and cities. The challenges often arise that system integrators / property owners and even users are locked in to the products and suppliers in the building. It is difficult to create customized solutions in other companies’ ecosystems and it is always costly and complicated. We solve this with a combination of hardware/software and cloud solutions as well as IoT consultancy and hardware development if needed. Modernizing buildings in a sustainable way has never been easier than it is now.

Contact: Nicolas Waern, CEO, mobile: +46 703 47 87 44, nicolas@Go-IoT.io

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