Behind the scenes questions

Open, Modular and Sustainable

Having helped system integrators connect over 300 buildings to the cloud, we discovered that the road to get there was anything but open, modular and sustainable. That’s what we wanted to change.

Behind the scenes questions

Directly after my last email interview, Ken Sinclair asked me a couple of questions regarding our product line. It was apparent that my rant about making buildings talk to people, didn’t really explain all that we are doing. So I’ll give a shot here at our own blog, instead of hawking our stuff at That’s what our website is for =)

Let’s get started with the questions!

Ken: “It looks like DINGO is an alternate to raspberry does it run open Sedona?”

Industrial grade Raspberry Pi Compute Board

Yes, the DINGO edge gateway is extremely modular and as such we have a couple of alternatives for Compute boards. We have the Raspberry PI Com1 compute module as well as the newer version which is the more Powerful Com3 Compute Module, as well as upcoming IMX6Both are industrial grade components and the DINGO cannot be compared with the hobby RPi boards you can buy at any DIY store. It can, but it would be like comparing a kickbike to a Range Rover. Both are fun to drive, but you know that only one of them will take you through any terrain in a secure, fast and robust way. 

What is equally interesting is our upcoming compute modules based on the powerful and secure i.MX Applications Processors. But the thing is that not everything has to do with horse power. It is important that there is a global community constantly pushing the boundaries, and that is a big reason why we have chosen the Raspberry Pi compute modules.

Sedona killer?

“Sedona Framework is a software environment designed to make it easy to build smart, networked, embedded devices which are well suited for implementing control applications”.
More info here

Yes, we definitely support Sedona and we are seeing some uptake in North America in regard to using it with our DINGO. It lowers the barrier of usage since a lot of people are used to powerful Tridium and Niagara tools. However, there’s no doubt in our minds at least, that the true Sedona killer is definitely called Node-RED. We are huge fans of Node-RED which you can see here.

The thing with Node-RED is that it supports the cloud part and cloud thinking 100% while Sedona is more of an “In-Building application”. The jury is still out on what is best, and probably for what, and it is usually like everything else in this world, it depends. We definitely want to stay open and offer choices for our customers, and the more solutions that are out there, the better. 

Ken: “Dingo Builds heavy on open software but is it an open hardware platform?”

Open Hardware (and Software)

We are modular in terms of both hardware and software We are soon up and running with a global hardware manufacturer and distributor which will ensure global scale up for real!  

Picture 1. Naked and fully dressed DINGO with modules – Modular hardware solutions for the horizontal IoT Market

We enable anyone to build their own Edge-gateway and we are selling more and more DINGOs each month, focusing on ramping up for next year with our global product launch at this years Electronica in Munich, Europe. Our definition of an open hardware and software platform is that everything is based on modules which can be put together in any which way possible. Hardware, Software, Cloud, 3rd party applications, everything can be put together in a cohesive way, creating tailor made solutions like never before. 

If you have any questions, please reach out to me, or contact us through the contact section.

Stay vigilant and Go-IoT!

/Nicolas Waern
The Building Whisperer

Go-IoT is on a mission to take buildings to the cloud in an easy, secure and scalable way, creating open future-proof ecosystems for smarter buildings and cities. The challenges often arise that system integrators / property owners and even users are locked in to the products and suppliers in the building. It is difficult to create customized solutions in other companies’ ecosystems and it is always costly and complicated. We solve this with a combination of hardware/software and cloud solutions as well as IoT consultancy and hardware development if needed. Modernizing buildings in a sustainable way has never been easier than it is now.

Contact: Nicolas Waern, CEO, mobile: +46 703 47 87 44,

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