GO-IoT is the ideal platform for startups and developers who want a fast to market solution at minimum cost.

GO-IoT can provide an industry grade hardware platform and a hardware platform with an open standard based software platform.

The choice is yours.


Often startups and developers begin with electronics test & learning boards like Raspberry Pi, TI Beaglebone or Arduino. However, when it comes to producing an industry grade product, they aren't ideal. Designing industrial grade hardware from these 'reference-design' boards is both time consuming and costly.

Secondly those reference-design boards don't offer any real, standard based high level software. Developers are forced to develop their software solutions almost from scratch, dealing with hardware related issues they are not educated or experienced at.


GO-IoT is intended to solve the above described problems, providing both hardware and software modules for a broad range of IoT applications. This allows our clients to enter at a low cost, so they gain most of the value chain for their final product. We endeavour to use only well-known standards and cutting edge technologies, widely accepted by the industry, meaning our clients will not be “locked in” with us. Rather they can freely add software and hardware modules from others to make their solutions stand out even more.

IoT startups can focus on the problem they are solving instead of technically detailed R&D. They do what they are good at and we can provide them with low level technical hardware and software.

Last but not least, we can produce hardware modules in large volumes, therefore ensuring a more cost effective solution for our clients.


Select from wide range of GO-IoT hardware, software and services. GO-IoT provides you with powerful "IoT Backbone" modules (DINGO BACKBONE) where you can select from a wide variety of user-interface boards, computer-boards, based on Freescale i.mx28 ARM processor, Rasperry Pi COM, Raspberry Pi Zero or any of our other, more up to date options. Then select plug-in(s) for IoT device-connectivity, including XBee, 6LoWPAN over WINGOM-Bus, Wireless M-Bus, etc.

You can even select from different operating systems; Linux Debian, YoctoWindows 10 IoT and more.

Available software modules range from low level peripheral managers, to BACnet Server, BACnet Client, BACnet/WS, MQTT, IoT-Apps, etc. (We open sourced the BACnet part in 2017).

Hardware & boxing

DINGO hardware is modular, so YOU pick the components you need to build your DINGO IoT BACKBONE - a kind of "IoT Server" that you can configure and/or program at a high level for your IoT needs.

You can also select from a broad spectrum of WINGO actuators and sensors.

We will provide you with modular DIN-Rail boxing as required.

Software & Web

DINGO software provides you with a 'Stack' from sensor-level software to high level web services. This stack is aimed at freeing you from low level hardware programming. So you can focus on your application software development, interfacing to the DINGO stack via standard interfaces, like BACnet or MQTT.

The DINGO software platform provides a rich selection of libraries and interfaces to develop your software, at a high level.


To simplify your work and get you to the IoT market faster, you can access our web based DINGO Manager for configuring your DINGOs. You only need a login.
Even top level SAAS software access is available for Energy Management, via Control2Net.

DINGO base-boards and DINGO user-interface-boards are Open Source. We can help implementing your own variants, from design to prototyping.