We start taking pre-orders in October 2016


Pre-orders will start in October.
We plan to deliver our product line in Q1 2017. However we would be happy to take down your contact information now, such that we can notify you as soon as those start. In addition we would be grateful if you could tell us what of our products you are interested in.
Please contact us here.
We recommend you take the above steps as we already feel a lot of pressure from potential clients, and we might run fast out of stock with our first production batch. So help us helping you stay as much front in the line as possible.
If you want to become a test client in Q4 2016, before that time, please contact us
Please contact us here.


Our price list is not ready at this time. However we will surprise you. You will be able to box a DINGO IoT BACKBONE with a plenty of power (hardware & software) for much less than known before.
Feel free to contact us for further price information.